Starter’s Guide to Launch Ecommerce Website Online with Faster ROI

When did you last go to any shopping mall? If you are a working person, probably you have to think a lot, because today we don’t have much time for such ‘luxuries’. If I enquire a bit more, there’s a good chance that you will say that you prefer to buy online.

It’s very true that within last a few years, queries for e-commerce website development has increased unbelievably; and of course the reason is the boom in the number of online buyers. Though there’s still a huge gap in the number of online and offline shoppers, it’s not ignorable anyhow.

ecommerce website development

So, It Can Be A Good Business Opportunity

Yes! Every day offline sellers contact ecommerce website development companies in Kolkata to start their online business. But, when they plan to upgrade themselves, they become puzzled between so many technical terms and eventually end up with a petty worthless online shopping site and within a few months they realize that the whole idea is super-flop.

Yes, The Grapes Are Sour

Aw, it’s not that your ‘idea’ was wrong; but your tool wasn’t perfect to fight with those giant companies. Just like you add shelf & showcase, arrange products, employ sales person etc. in your shop, you need to implement those functions through creative website development technology.

Then What Should I Do?

Just remember, your weapon itself needs to be enough efficient, intelligent and powerful to retain your customers and increase the chances of conversion. How’s that possible? Here we have discussed it in detail in this article.

First Thing First

Of course we aren’t going to discuss about ‘demand and supply’ type of theory. We believe you know that better than us. First you decide if you want an ecommerce website, an app or both? All have some advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a brief:

Advantages of Website

  • Target wide range of customer types
  • Customers can reach through organic search
  • Easy to Increase Leads through AdWords Campaign
  • Provide more information through a single screen
  • Easy to implement compelling features
  • Easy to operate for aged and less savvy users

Advantages of App

  • Can easily target smartphone users
  • Easy to create more dedicated customers
  • Simple to feed offers through Push Notification
  • Can be used on-the-go and thus can expect more involvement
  • Simple to offer location-centric offers

So, What Should I Go For?

Thumb of rule, “The more you invest, the better ROI you’ll get”. But, in our opinion, one must not bypass the ecommerce website development. You always get the chance to escalate your sales by clubbing your website with a mobile app. But, first concentrate on the vast web market.

Okay! I Know A Few Low Cost Website Vendors

Argh! When you are planning to develop shopping site, ‘price’ should be the last question you ask to your vendor. You just focus on the features and functionalities. Two similar type of online shopping portal may differ vastly in backend functionalities and of course it’s ultimate power. And as your hard-earned money will be invested, you never should say, “I don’t understand these; do what is good”.

It’s Fact That I’m Non-Technical

We know. If you were a technical person, you wouldn’t have continue reading this article till now. So, first you research some good e-commerce website design and note the features that you love and that you need. Remember some ‘lovely’ features may multiply your cost. And, experts are always there to rectify your mistakes.

Now provide the list of requirements (known as SRS – Software Requirement Specification) to your vendor and ask for their suggestion. If they add or deduct any from your list, ask for clarification. You just need to understand the front-end effect from them – not the complex backend functionalities.

What Technology Is Best for Me?

If you don’t understand technology well, don’t force your vendor to follow your choice just because ‘that’ site is developed on this technology. Your shopping site development company would suggest you the most suitable and cheaper option for you.

Generally, Magento and WooCommerce are popularly used as dedicated ecommerce website development technologies. However, some company may deliver you a better website on ASP.Net or Custom PHP or something else. Better, you let the experts do their job their way.

How Much Budget Is Enough for A Startup Business?

It depends on how complex and vast are your functionalities. Or in simple word, the more appealing and powerful you want to make your site, the more you need to invest. And there might be huge difference between the minimum and maximum amount.

Well, Then What Will Be My Steps to Start?

Simply, do research; create a draft of design layout and functionalities; contact the best e-commerce website development company; discuss your idea; and assign the project. Also, we would recommend to opt for a short digital marketing service, once your site is live to promote your website among the crowd. All the best.

Don’t Get Biased! Know Before You Choose Your Web Designing Technology

Website Design Services India

Website Design Services India

Businesspersons are businesspersons. They hardly know about web technology. But, when they contacts the best website designing company, the executive asks them several technical questions like, what technology would you prefer – WordPress, Magento or Joomla; what type of server would you hire – managed or dedicated; static or dynamic; one-page or multi-page and so on. It’s really embarrassing for these lay businesspersons.

Do they have to undergo course to develop their business website?

Of course not! It’s the inexperienced web designing companies who misguide people with shower of techy-words. You should have a website which will return your investment. We at Xentric Technologies help our customers everyway in the most customer-friendly language.

Simply we listen to the customer and ask question to clarify the confusion areas. Then we suggest him some options along with the benefits and drawbacks. We also inform them clearly about the approximate development time, maintenance difficulty, development cost, and so on.

What are the different types of basic websites?

The simplest websites are static websites. These are the most affordable websites and takes very low time to develop. However, the main drawbacks are you can’t change the data without help of web designing company. However, if you are happy with your online presence, it’s best for you.

The second option is dynamic website designing. You have vast choices here as per your requirement. However, if you are going to develop an information site, WordPress is best for you. In case, you are planning to launch your ecommerce site, Magento is most popular.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that has thousands of free templates available in the web. Just, download, customize and upload. You might need some knowledge on CSS and HTML to fine tune the shape.

On the other hand, most web designing company use Magento as the ecommerce technology for its outstanding features and security. It is a high end PHP framework used for custom catalogue management. You can add hundreds of product categories and management them easily using the admin panel. You can also ask your website vendor to develop simple and unbeatable ideas for your ecommerce website using WordPress technology.

There are several other popular technologies that you can choose as well. However, you must know in details why you should invest on that. For more, visit our website and send us a query.

A Discussion on The Usefulness of Software for MLM in Network Marketing Business

Software For MLM

Software For MLM

Are you searching for the best strategy to develop your network marketing business? Then the time has come to know that the utilization of software can leave you to get an added advantage to include your business fast and fairly. The uses of computer has increased in every government and private agencies. Yet as an entrepreneur you should understand that without utilizing the most suitable software for MLM on your computer, all your efforts to improvise your business may go in vain. Therefore, choosing right software from a reputed and reliable software vendor would be your perfect choice.

These agencies help you not only what kind of software you need but also they can help you understanding the advantages of using a software that they have developed and provide you at the most reasonable price. In this concern the name of software for MLM comes first. If you want to deal with a wide network with your targeted clients then you must have to apply one of the best and easily applicable software. When you would contact some of the leading MLM software development company, you would be possible to understand the benefits of using of such an important and valuable software in the present day context in detail.

You can go online to review the most renowned MLM software development companies in your city or you may choose such an agency that has reputation worldwide in this field. Most of the leading business concerns have developed their business agencies by making use of the latest software technology, which can be operated easily and helped to store and retrieve data fast and accurately. It’s time to make an intensive research on the most popular search engines to be familiar with the most renowned agencies so that you can contact them to know about these software and order online. So, it’s always suggested to visit different reputed IT companies to get a clear knowledge and make your decision more powerful. We can assure you that it would be one of the most profitable decisions you have ever did.

Parallax – A Bleeding Edge Technology for Jaw Dropping Website Development

Web Development Company

Web Development Company

Both the customer and web development company hunt for newer technologies to create stunning websites. Only few become successful. The main reasons are lack of creative idea and out-dated knowledge to add a few more features to the existing design. Yes, it needs just some salt that can uplift the class of the website vastly. So, here we are going to explain Parallax effect – a new technology that can be used differently to create stunning web effects. Just go through the article.

What Is Parallax?

The literal meaning is displacement of objects in a different motion; and so do the web meaning. Wait, let me clarify. In this effect, two or more layers are moved in a smooth motion as you scroll up or down. It looks amazing and creates a dreamy sensation. Today several web development company use this technology in different ways in the website development.

Are there any variations of Parallax Effect?

If you check the website of Xentric Technologies, you will see the use of parallax effect. It’s the simplest form of this effect called vertical scrolling parallax. It doesn’t affect the performance of the website and fully SEO friendly. But, there are websites that are designed with extensive use of parallax (and some other technologies as well) in multiple layers. No doubt, the difference is awesome. In fact, it depends upon the creativity of the web development company and how much freedom the client offers.

Is there any drawback of this technology?

Well, any animation effect slows down the performance of the website and of course it’s a great drawback. However, moderate use of parallax shouldn’t be harmful to the performance of your website or business. If you want to use the Parallax effect vastly, using small-sized images can be a bit helpful.

Another drawback is that mostly websites with Parallax effect tends to longer page or single page. It also slows down the performance. As per the SEO gurus, it hampers the overall performance by increasing the loading time and thus directly affects the ranking of the website. For more details, it’s suggested to consult the web development company that you want to hire.

Website Development Tips for Developers to Give A Bold Touch To Your UI

Website Design Services

Website Design Services

Almost every website designer and developer is connected to several forums to stay up-to-date on the bleeding edge technologies and get solution to some complex problems. But, what they actually get from those forums are either knowledge on the implementation procedure of a CSS or animation effect or improvement of existing technologies. So, here are some tips for best website design Kolkata.

Do Research

Most of the developers of the small IT companies complain that, their company hardly allows them to consume enough time for research work. But, actually it’s an excuse. No matter you’re developing UI for your mlm software or any website, doing a bit of research speeds up the development process with more foresight and accuracy. Whereas, generally these designers start their designing process with just a glance in the mind and adds new designing concepts as they go. It can’t offer you the best website design Kolkata. So, make it a practice to make research every time you start a new project.

Know Your Target Audience

Mostly marketing persons forward the technical specification with minimum knowledge of the category of the website that their client requires. It can’t be enough to design the best website design Kolkata to grab the targeted audience. You must have to gather enough knowledge on the types of expected visitors (at least the types in majority) either through the marketing executive or directly. It’ll guide you to design a superb UI and UX. You should also ask about the type of business in details, if it’s new for you.

Don’t Skip The Wireframe Design

I’ve noticed that hardly any small IT firm develops any wireframe. However, it’s extremely important not only to clarify that what you’ve understood and what the client requires are exactly same, but also to get a clear view of what you are going to design. It improves the UI and UX designing by making it far simpler, faster and of course more accurate. While developing the wireframe pay same attention to all the pages – not just the home page. It’ll help you to satisfy the clients with requirement of least numbers of changes.

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Guerrilla Marketing Techniques for Persuasive & Creative Web Design

Creative Web Design Services

Creative Web Design Services

Human being is inquisitive by nature. Being a creative web design services provider, we must have to know how to encash this common nature of our visitors. However, it’s very funny that mostly web development companies overlook this trigger and develop worthless mediocre websites.

What happens when we visit a mediocre website?

Mostly when we visit a website, we just see a combination of images, graphics and texts presented in a common pattern. We skim through the page and if have enough time, rarely navigate to other pages as well. But, is it what we actually want our visitors to do? No, we want to feed them our thoughts and ideas – not some images, graphics or arrays of texts.

Should I use something more in my website?

Not actually! You just have to synchronize all the image and text contents in the same string that will provoke the visitor to think as per you. But, it’s possible only when you know how your visitors think. Here are some questions that generally occur on their mind when they first time come across any creative website design:

  • What this site is about?
  • What can I get here?
  • How to check the details of the products?
  • Is it worthy to buy products from here?
  • Is the website enough trustworthy to give my payment details?

How do I answer so many questions without interacting with the visitor face to face?

That’s the challenge! That’s the place where you’ve to poke into your creativity. That’s the point where creative website design service providers beat its competitors. You have to develop unique strategy to answer the queries step by step to ensure holding the visitor for maximum time. As per our experience being a creative website design services provider, we mostly trap the client by answering the first query first with research driven info-graphic. Then step by step we take control over their mind by forcing them to follow the way we have designed.

How could I manage with low value projects?

Success of your client is the key to your success. So, every creative website design services should pay enough attention to make every website highly efficient attracting customers. And, of course, never repeat a strategy in all the websites just because it worked great. Give your full to your client and surely you’ll get more in return. All the best!

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Stuck Between Cloud Accounting & Online Accounting? Know The Facts

Online Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software

Even a few years ago online accounting software was a new concept for many businesspersons and now we’re going to talk about cloud accounting. Of course, it’s a very good signal that we are progressing so rapidly; but on the other side, such a rapid change makes us confused to come to a conclusion. If online accounting software is enough good, why should I go for cloud? Is cloud safe? Won’t it loosen your control from your data? Don’t be impatient – here are the answers of your queries. Just go through the article.

What’s the basic difference between cloud and server accounting?

In the traditional dedicated server method, you need to purchase a server and have to configure with all the applications. Mostly it requires very high costing along with regular maintenance. But, when it comes to cloud computing, no matter it’s a gold loan software or accounting software, you can hire it at a very lucrative charge and configure just by a few clicks. As a bonus, you’ll get extreme security, superb uptime and a great speed.

So, should I go for cloud accounting software?

Well, it doesn’t mean that you must have to opt for a cloud accounting. There are several excellent accounting software that are not hosted on cloud and you can easily go for these, if it matches your requirement list. You can simply think that cloud is a superior version of dedicated server. Cloud uses all the high end technologies and machineries that makes it so special.

Online accounting software are costly. What’s wrong with offline software?

No, there’re innumerable drawbacks of offline generic software. It can be good for your personal accounting; but you never should choose it for your business. Of course, several companies still use some offline software. But, the only reason is that they don’t know the benefits of online accounting software. However, it’s a good news that business houses have understood the value of online software and the adoption rate has increased remarkably in the last one or two years.